The Ann Moore Art Studio

The Ann Moore Art Studio is a dynamic space at IMAS dedicated to teach art to museum visitors. The Education Department staff assists visitors on a daily basis to create their very own art using the various techniques and styles that are taught in the studio each week. The Ann Moore Studio is also utilized to host special art activities, such as Art after Dark, a quarterly event where visitors 21+ create their own art piece under the instruction from a professional artist, while enjoying their favorite drink.

The Ann Moore Studio was opened on May 28, 2014, as a gift from the Godinez Family honoring Ann Moore’s dedication to the arts and culture of the Rio Grande Valley.

Who is Ann Moore

Ann Maddox Moore, the City of McAllen, and IMAS have been intertwined for nearly a lifetime. Ann grew up in McAllen, playing in the orchards and riding her bike along the canal banks of the sleepy south Texas town.

Ever the creative spirit, Ann continues to live in the art-filled, lushly landscaped house she helped design in 1955.  She maintains her passion of creating art with the help of two assistants, and growing, improving and editing her collections; always finding the time to dote on her grandchildren, to socialize with her friends over a good bottle of wine, to support the community she loves, and to travel to see new and wonderful art around the world. Ann Moore is a legacy of inspiration to her friends, the City of McAllen, and IMAS.