UIL Art Contest

Urban Nocturne (watermarked)

Urban Nocturne

Location: Central Gallery
Artist: Dorothy Morang
Acrylic resin on masonite; abstract shades of blue, pink and yellow;  24″ x 18″
Known for: non-objective, crafts.
Styles: Abstraction and Early 20th Century Modernist Painting
 “An accomplished pianist who had studied at the Northeast Conservatory of Music in Boston and taught and soloed in Maine, Dorothy Alden Morang (1906-1995) came to Santa Fe with her husband, painter Alfred Morang (1901-1958) by 1939, and possibly earlier.[xi] Dorothy was a pupil of her husband, Santa Fe’s Raymond Jonson, and Taos’s Emil Bisttram, Modernists all. She even became an unofficial member of Bisttram’s Transcendental Painting Group, which lasted from 1938 to 1941, “but is considered one of the best painters to come out of that tradition. [xii] Dorothy Morang became very active in the New Deal, not only in easel painting but also as a music teacher. By 1942 she was employed by the Museum of New Mexico and help several curatorial positions there until 1963. During that time “she was a most prominent and visible force in Santa Fe’s art community.

-from “Women Artists of Santa Fe” by Michael R. Grauer.