McAllen, TX – The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) is proud to announce the receipt of a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) aimed at supporting at-risk youth in our community. This grant will fund an innovative program titled “Screen It: Youth Identity Through Art,” bringing together students from the Buell Central Discipline Alternative Education Program of PSJA Independent School District and local screen-printing company Palo Santo.

“Our team is looking forward to sharing some of the inspiration, goals and techniques behind what we’ve learned over the years here at Palo Santo,” states Andy Peña, Co-Owner of Palo Santo Prints.

Screen It: Youth Identity Through Art is a transformative initiative designed to equip teens with valuable creative and technical skills in screen printing. The program will be conducted by Palo Santo at IMAS. During these workshops, students will engage with the artistic and technical processes of screen printing, fostering their talents and providing them with crucial skills utilized in the field of printmaking.

Above: Palo Santo Team. Left to Right: Ernie January (Team Member), Devin Garcia (Co-owner), Andy Peña (Co-owner), Carlos Ochoa (Team Member), Jake Peña (Team Member)

“We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Palo Santo for this upcoming workshop,” says Roni Cortez, Interim Director of Education at IMAS. “Screen printing has not been previously explored within our educational programs. We eagerly anticipate extending this valuable opportunity to our students and are enthusiastic about the mutual learning experience that will ensue as we engage with them in this creative endeavor.”

Supported by the TCA’s priority in Public Safety and Criminal Justice, which emphasizes utilizing art to prevent delinquency and recidivism in youth and adults, “Screen It” offers alternative activities for at-risk youth during periods when school is not in session.

The project’s curriculum, collaboratively developed by the artists from Palo Santo and IMAS Interim Director of Education Roni Cortez, emphasizes communication, collaboration, respect for identity, and creative expression. Through independent and group work, teens will complete projects from start to finish, empowering them to embrace their artistic abilities.

Student artwork will be on exhibit at IMAS following the workshop from January 21 through February 25, 2024.

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