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Nov 3: DNA 101: Extract DNA from plant matter and discover the marvelous world of DNA!

Kit pickup is October 30.

First Wednesday of the month
Workshop Time: 6th-12th from 3:30-4:45PM

Price: $6 IMAS Members | $12 Non-Members

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Museum from Home workshops are an at-home experience for students to go in depth on specific art or science concepts. A live Zoom webinar is hosted by an IMAS Educator to lead participants through a hands-on lesson. Supplies are included in an activity kit to be picked up via curbside prior to the workshop date.

Museum from Home DNA 101 at IMAS
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IMAS Admission Price Changes Effective October 1, 2022

Regular admission is $5 with discounted $3 for children ages 4-12, students with an ID and senior citizens 65+. Museums for All (WIC/EBT) discount is $1 up to four people per card.

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