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Embark on a musical journey with the compositions of David Rimelis, expertly interpreted by Penny Tong and Luis Gonzalez-Aponte in “Worlds Entwined.” Experience the enchanting melodies that traverse cultural boundaries and celebrate the universal language of music. Join us for an evening of mesmerizing viola duets that blend genres and traditions from around the world, creating a truly unique and captivating performance.

Worlds Entwined: A Viola Duet Recital

Saturday, July 6, 2024
2:00-3:00 PM

at the International Museum of Art & Science
1900 West Nolana Ave, McAllen, TX 78504

Included with general admission, Free for IMAS Members

Luis Enrique Gonzalez-Aponte, a musician and educator from the United States, is dedicated to sharing the beauty and utility of music. His journey began in the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District, where his passion for music took root. Continuing his musical education at Texas State University, Luis earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a focus on violin performance, complemented by Theater studies. Throughout his career, Luis has contributed as Second Violinist for the chamber ensemble Dr. Shana Mashego and The Sacred Ensemble, and as a Violin and Viola Instructor, guiding aspiring musicians.

His dedication to education extends to his roles as a Private Violin and Viola Instructor within Central Texas school districts and as a Section Violist with The Valley Symphony Orchestra. Luis actively participates in seminars and clinics, notably at the Texas Music Educators Convention (TMEA), and presents research on music education at various conferences. In addition to his musical pursuits, Luis is pursuing a Master of Music in Music and Human Learning at the University of Texas at Austin. He also serves as producer and co-host of the podcast “Not to Forgive but to Understand” in Genocide Studies, collaborating with scholar and writer Sabah Carrim.

Luis Enrique Gonzalez-Aponte’s journey through the world of music reflects his commitment to education and his passion for artistic exploration.

Penny Tong has become a registered Suzuki teacher since 2018. She is a violinist and a violist from Hong Kong. She is currently an ABD candidate in her Doctorate degree in Music Performance at the University of North Texas. In terms of teaching experience, she has been teaching as a Private Lesson Tutor of Violin and Viola at high schools, and middle schools at different ISDs in Texas since 2022. She holds a studio more than 60 students. Between 2006 to 2016, she was the Part-Time Group Lesson Tutor of Violin and Viola at the CNEC Christian College in Hong Kong. Besides, she had experience in both orchestral and chamber coaching. She was appointed to be the Music Director of the symphony orchestra at the Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School, from 2014-2016 in Hong Kong. In 2015, the symphony orchestra won the Silver Award of the School Symphonic Orchestral Contest in the Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows.

As a versatile individual, Penny has had the opportunity to hold several professional roles in the music industry. In the Sherman Symphony Orchestra, she is appointed as the Section Viola player, and the Substitute Principal Viola to work with the viola students at Austin College during orchestral rehearsals. Also, she is the Section Viola player in the Valley Symphony Orchestra. In 2022, she served for the Lord as the Solo Violinist on the Sunday Worships at the Rosen Height Baptist Church in Fort Worth. Since 2023, she has served as the Solo Violinist on the Sunday Worships at the RGV Chinese Baptist Church in Texas. Before moving to the U.S., Penny was appointed to be the Principal of the 2nd Violin at Chung Chi Orchestra and the Principal Viola at the HKFW Six Arts Orchestra. Between 2010 to 2015, she was the Guest Section Violist of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, which performed at the Tonalle in Zürich, and the Victoria Hall in Genѐve during the european tour in 2015. Penny performed as a chamber player, and an orchestral player in different international music festivals, including the Asian Youth Orchestra; the Orford Music Academy in Montreal, Canada; the Bowdoin International Music Festival in Maine, U.S.; the Sommermusik und Meister Klaus in Nagold, Germany; the 3rd Marvo International Music Festival in Marvo, Portugal; the nuits romantiques du Lac du Bourget in Aix les Bains, France; and the La Folle Journée au Japon in Tokyo, Japan.

Penny earned her bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2007. She was the recipient of the Jackie Chan Scholarship. Her enthusiasm for music performance and teaching inspired her to undertake further, graduate studies in the United States since 2016. In 2018, she earned the Master of Music degree in Viola Performance and Suzuki Pedagogy at the Cleveland Institute of Music in Ohio. Mentored by Prof. Irvine and Prof. Meier-Sims, she is now a registered Suzuki teacher for violin at all unit levels. Then, facilitated by Profs. Dubois and Gerling at the University of North Texas in her doctorate studied, she explored the Karen Tuttle Pedagogical Approach, which helps string players to coordinate their body movements to support their playing. She earned the Level 1 Endorsement at the Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Society in 2022. Besides, music theory is the related field in her D.M.A. degree. She is interested in teaching string method, music literature, music theory, and music history as well

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