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Girl Scouts Workshop Series 2022 – 2023

$13 (includes Admission for participating Girl Scout)
$10 for IMAS Members

Workshop registration opens 5 weeks prior to the workshop date at sales.theimasonline.org.
Advanced registration is recommended as spots are limited. Spots are not eligible for refunds, credits, or substitutions.

Exclusive Discount for Girl Scouts of Great South Texas Council: Explore the International Museum of Art & Science with your fellow Girl Scouts and don’t forget to visit the IMAS Gift Shop. Girl Scouts receives 10% off their total purchase in the shop (excludes consignment). To participate, please wear your Girl Scouts gear such as uniform, t-shirts, hats, etc.

SAVE THE DATE! Girl Scouts Day at IMAS is on Saturday, June 17 from 10 AM-1 PM. Participate in special activities just for Girl Scouts.

Girl Scout 2022 Square

April 29 | Potter, Brownie

Dive into the art of pottery with a tour of ceramic artwork and learn different clay building techniques such as slab, pinch, and coil method.

April 29 | Outdoor Art Explorer, Junior

Be inspired by nature, as you create different forms of art with collage and salt dough. Create rainy day music and become a nature photographer. This workshop covers all steps. Girl Scouts are encouraged to bring smartphones to take photographs. A limited set of cameras will be available for use. A light snack is provided.

October 29 | Space Science Explorer, Daisy

Learn about the rotation of the sun, phases of the moon, and constellations as we create shadow posters, moon phase booklets, and our constellation art. *Badge included with workshop completion.

October 29 | Space Science Researcher, Cadette

The stars are shining bright! Learn about the science behind light, create a sun print and classify the stars. A light snack is provided. *Badge included with workshop completion.

November 19 | Space Science Investigator, Junior

Discover our solar system as a space science investigator! Compare and contrast the sizes of our planets, model a constellation, and more. A light snack is provided. *Badge included with workshop completion.

February 25 | Mechanical Engineering: Leap Bot Design Challenge, Brownie

Spring into action, and design and engineer your leap bot. Learn about potential and kinetic energy as you test how well your bot leaps and record your results!

February 26 | Mechanical Engineering: Model Car Design Challenge, Daisy

Design and engineer your own car as you experiment with friction, speed, and inclined planes. Test your design and race your fellow Girl Scouts.