The IMAS Guild, a volunteer group dedicated to supporting the museum, organized a delightful style show to benefit the International Museum of Art & Science, with the theme “Hats Off to Fashion.” The event, which took place on Saturday, May 13 at the museum, was a celebration of timeless elegance, showcasing the ladies’ unique styles and creativity. 

To prepare for the event, IMAS Guild member Mary Villareal took charge of handmade decorations, adding a personal touch to the show’s ambiance. Additionally, the ladies collaborated with local boutiques, including Lionel’s Boutique and Gifts, Chico’s, and Dillard’s, to source diverse and fashionable clothing and accessories. 

Despite the rainy weather that day, attendees showed up in full numbers, demonstrating their support and appreciation for the IMAS Guild’s efforts. The models exuded confidence and poise as they walked the runway, showcasing their individual personalities and fashion sense. Señor Frog poured mimosas for attendees, elevating the experience and creating a sense of celebration. 

The audience’s support for the IMAS was heartwarming and impressive. Despite the challenges posed by the storms, the event’s lively atmosphere and enthusiastic audience made it a memorable and inspiring experience for everyone involved. The overall atmosphere of the style show remained lively and vibrant and the event was a resounding success in its purpose to raise funds for the IMAS. 

Guild Style Show

Thank You to our Generous Donors:

Ruby Red Hospitality, Alice East, Dr. John Gerling, D.D.S. M.S.D, Bert Ogden Motors, Dr. Ernesto & Iris Treviño/ Family Medicine, Oscar R. Gonzalez, CPA & Associates, P.L.L.C., Sandra Brown, Bertha Garcia, Rachel Loman, and John Knox Village. 

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