Welcome to Museum from Home workshops with the IMAS, 2021-2022!

Museum from Home workshops are an at-home experience for students to go in depth on specific art or science concepts. A live Zoom webinar is hosted by an IMAS Educator to lead participants through a hands-on lesson. Supplies are included in an activity kit to be picked up via curbside prior to the workshop date.

This season has been adapted to a virtual format. An activity kit is provided although general supplies like scissors, glue, and writing and coloring tools are not included. Registrants will be emailed a pickup confirmation, a digital copy of the lesson, and the webinar link.

International Museum of Art & Science IMAS
Registration required, space is limited. Kit pickup for all workshops available prior to workshop date.
$6 IMAS Members | $12 Non Members

We are a family that is homeschooling our kids. We are museum members and have attended the homeschool classes, as well as other programs and camps for years now. We also participated in classes at the libraries and nature centers. We had a community garden and meet-ups with friends. All of that was an important part of our homeschooling experience, and now none of that is happening. Most of the programs we relied on for input and interaction have not gone virtual.

My kids participated in the first virtual homeschool class you offered, and they loved it and needed it! It was a rare chance, in these times, for them to interact with teachers and students that they have known in person. I think it may be extra hard on homeschoolers right now because most of the interactive community programs our kids participated in have not gone virtual.

They need more of this. We’d sign up for weekly sessions, if you offered it…

We hope the museum can continue to play an important role in the education of our children. Thank you.

Museum from Home Generic 2022

January 5: Seismography

Create your own seismography and explore the world of earthquakes.
Register Now: 3rd-5th | 6th-12th

February 2: Black Art History

Learn about Black artists who revolutionized art and create a painting inspired by them!
Register Now: 3rd-5th | 6th-12th

March 2: Hydroponics

Dive into the world of water engineering and create your own hydroponic system!
Register Now: 3rd-5th | 6th-12th

April 6: da Vinci Engineering

Learn about Leonardo da Vinci and create a replica of the da Vinci bridge!
Register Now: 3rd-5th | 6th-12th

May 4: Basketry

Explore Mexico’s traditional handcrafted basketry and weave your own basket.
Register Now: 3rd-5th | 6th-12th

June 1: Art History

Design a pot or plate with clay as you learn about the history of Puebla pottery.
Register Now: 3rd-5th | 6th-12th


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