3rd Annual IMAS Day of Giving

For over half a century the International Museum of Art & Science has grown with a community in support of art and science, education and enlightenment. The museum serves tens of thousands of visitors annually, 53% of whom are students ages 12 and under who engage with museum educational programs and enrichment.

The IMAS Day of Giving is an opportunity to show support for the IMAS and ensure its community impact holds steadfast.

This year our goal is 200 individual donations. By making a donation (of any size) during the month of October, you can ensure IMAS continues to inspire audiences of all ages to explore art and science, empower learners to discover their interest and pursuit their passions.

To donate text “IMASGIVING” to 44-321

Day of Giving Donation Gifts

We are grateful for every gift, and we will be sending a special thank you for gifts over $50 received on IMAS Day of Giving.
We’ll send an IMAS Folk Art Tote for gifts of $50, an IMAS water bottle for gifts over $75 or a dactyl ornament for gifts over $125.

Day of Giving: Online Auction

To kick off this giving month we are hosting an online auction with a creative collection of dresses in partnership with local artist Cecilia Garza and By Maxwell, Leona Style Boutique, Love & Lemonade, Milly’s, and RAD Couture. This project was created in support of IMAS and four of these artistic creations are available on our Day of Giving: Online Auction.

Artist Statement: Cecilia Garza

As a native born and raised in South Texas, I am a self-taught artist/maker.

I have always had a passion for creating and uplifting those around me.

I want my work to inspire creativity, love, compassion, and encouragement not only within our individual selves but also in the world around us.

I see art as our story teller. It’s a time machine into our past and a wish for our future. It’s a universal language that allows us to connect from worlds apart and on so many levels.

Art invokes emotion and can help us to have empathy, love, and understanding. And because I want my work to inspire creativity, love, compassion, and encouragement I have created Corazon de mi Arte.

Corazon de mi Arte or the Heart of my art is an intentional collaborative art experience that guides you through abstract affirmations.

This collaboration takes positive intentions and transfers that energy onto canvas helping to create a one of a kind art piece that will anchor in these intentions and exude them for ever and ever.

6 Ways to Participate in IMAS
Day of Giving

  1. Text IMASGIVING to 44-321 to donate straight from your phone and help us reach a goal of 200 individual donations.
  2. Show your support by visiting support.theimasonline.org and make a donation today.
  3. Visit our online auction. Bidding is officially open now through noon on October 15!
  4. Become a member of the International Museum of Art & Science.
  5. Tune in to art and science programming on our social media today on the IMAS Facebook page!
  6. Share this message with 5 friends and invite them to help us reach out goal of 200 individual donations. Every donation makes a difference no matter the size.

Fundraise as a Team & Publicly
Show Your Support

Join the leaderboard, engage your group, and fundraise as a team.
Choose to create a team name, lead the team, or even make it a team for your business. Each team will have a total and include individual recognition. The best part is that it all contributes to the overall impact of IMAS Day of Giving.

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