McAllen, TX – The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) is thrilled to announce its latest exhibition, “Ella,” featuring the evocative works of renowned sculptor Nour Kuri. This powerful exhibition delves into the profound connections each person has with the special women in their lives, whether they are mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, friends, or significant others.

Through her series of sculptures, Nour Kuri explores themes of connection, perception, and emotion, inviting viewers to reflect on their own relationships with the women who have shaped their lives. “Ella” is not only a personal exploration but also a broader celebration of women’s achievements in all facets of life.

Kuri’s work is distinguished by her ability to perceive reality beyond appearances, using a variety of mediums including bronze, marble, wood, terracotta, and glass to convey her inner emotions and feelings. Her modern style blends stylized human forms with elements of abstraction, maintaining a recognizable connection to the original form while exploring different moments of life, love, family, and community.

Kuri, Nour. Yo..?, Bronze/Patina Automotriz/Mármol, 2012.

About the Artist:
Nour Kuri, born in Mexico City, draws inspiration from her vibrant homeland. She holds a degree in social communications from Anahuac University. Her artistic style, described as modern surrealist expressionism, incorporates stylized human shapes that verge on abstraction, yet remain closely tied to their original inspiration. Her work frequently centers on the human figure, depicted individually, in family settings, or within community contexts.

Kuri’s impressive career includes over 40 solo exhibitions across Mexico, the USA, and Europe. Her sculptures are featured in the permanent collections of the Contemporary Art Museum MALAM, the Migration Nucleus Museum in Lebanon, and numerous private collections. She has also created monumental urban sculptures that grace significant avenues in various Mexican cities. For Nour Kuri, art is more than a profession—it is her passion, her life, and her profound form of expression.

IMAS invites everyone to experience “Ella,” an exhibition that not only challenges viewers to consider their personal connections but also honors the remarkable contributions of women everywhere. “Ella” will be on exhibition at IMAS on August 17, 2024, through January 12, 2025.

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