Welcome to the first episode in a new series by the International Museum of Art & Science, a special look “inside the vault” of our permanent collections.

In this episode, learn about the history of the nativity scene as we discover and learn more about different styles of nativities made from various cultures around the world.

Inside the Vault: Nativity
(Mexican, German, African, and Peruvian)

The IMAS’s mission is to preserve, expand, and display our permanent art and science collections. The IMAS vault is home to thousands of objects and artworks. We would like to introduce you to a few of these items. Along the way, you will learn a little more about their past and their influences.
Follow along as you learn about nativity scenes in this episode of Inside the Vault with the Object Reflections page linked above. This is a great resource if you are following along as a family, interested in learning more, or using this as an educational video for your school or homeschool group.

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