Cultural District Art Project at IMAS

Overview of Public Art Project

Destination McAllen: Art, Culture, IMAS will amplify IMAS’s location in the McAllen Cultural District by employing local artists to create eye-catching public art to be displayed on museum grounds that will identify the museum as an arts organization by enhancing the exterior. These works of art and the artists creating them will be featured in a marketing campaign to promote the museum and the McAllen Cultural District. IMAS is collaborating with Decibel Studios to film and create the digital media and marketing materials. Artists will be filmed in their studio or workspace as a part of this project.

The museum building is highly visible from Bicentennial Boulevard, a major north-south artery connecting the McAllen Airport to FM 107, the main east-west highway through Edinburg. According to a City of McAllen traffic study in 2018, over 38,000 vehicles a day passed through the intersection of Bicentennial and Nolana Avenue (the corner where IMAS is located). Traffic has only increased since the study was conducted with northward expansion of Bicentennial Avenue as a north-south thoroughfare for the City of McAllen. Proposals may utilize existing distinct, highly visible locations around the museum’s perimeter as ready-to-install placement sites, such as existing gravel pads. The final placement of the art installations will be determined by the IMAS using input from the artist and an internal committee.

Public art installation(s) will initially be displayed on the museum’s campus but must be capable of being moved to other locations within the McAllen Cultural District and region. Artist proposals must include expenses for time and materials, fabrication, and initial delivery to the IMAS by the artist. Artists are encouraged to propose works of art that celebrate the McAllen Cultural District and lend themselves to being relocated to other organizations.

Destination McAllen: Art, Culture, IMAS is made possible by a Cultural District Project grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

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Texas Commission on the Arts

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About the McAllen Cultural District

McAllen has a rich culture and is home to some of the most talented artists in the Rio Grande Valley. It is a continued effort on the parts of many to bring a variety of art, music and theater to the city. Events are held by the Valley Symphony Orchestra, McAllen Performing Arts Center, International Museum of Art & Science, McAllen Creative Incubator, and other local arts district entities.

McAllen’s Cultural Arts District includes a vibrant arts district in the heart of the city, along Main Street, the McAllen Convention Center, Oval Park, McAllen Performing Arts Center, Quinta Mazatlan, the McAllen Public Library, the McAllen Creative Incubator, and the International Museum of Art & Science. In 2018 the district boundaries were expanded to Dove Avenue to Sunset Drive and 2nd Street to Ware Road.

Proposal Requirements


Artwork proposals must include a description and artist statement, artist biography, illustration of the proposed artwork with sufficient detail to understand the subject matter and content, and a mockup of the size, scale, and placement on IMAS grounds. Artwork may be a mounted sculpture or self-standing mural, fabricated by artist(s).

Subject matter should tie into arts and culture and may reference the McAllen Cultural District or the International Museum of Art & Science. Subject may include regional landmarks, cultural entities, local culture, binational region and international art.

Artwork should not contain any profanity or subject matter unsuitable for a family audience.

Size, Scale, Portability

Artwork will be installed outdoors on museum grounds. Proposals should include a sketch or mockup of the art as it will be installed.

Artwork proposal must include artists’ plans for securing artwork and cost of fabrication of any base, mount, framework or pedestal. Proposal must indicate recommended means for installing and securing artwork. Artwork needs to withstand typical RGV weather conditions and retain its integrity (i.e. not fall apart or fade) for at least 12 months.

Artwork must be portable for future installations at alternate sites. This project is intended to promote the McAllen Cultural District at IMAS but also at other locations. Artwork must fit inside a small cargo van with maximum dimensions of 78” x 45″ x 46″ (LxHxW).

Artwork must be movable and able to be installed by two people.

Artist Fee & Payment

Grant funds are available to fund artists’ time, talent, and expenses for these projects. Proposals must not exceed $5000.

Artists must include all costs in the proposal including but not limited to artist fee, materials, fabrication, and transportation to the International Museum of Art & Science.

Artists will sign a contract with IMAS upon being selected and before the project begins. Artists will receive payment for their work as a commission. IMAS will retain ownership of the artwork at project completion.

Artists will be awarded their initial stipend in December within 14 days of award notification in the amount of 60% of proposal fee. Artists will receive remaining 40% upon completion and delivery of artwork to the IMAS.

Artists must create the work according to the timeline outlined below.

Questions may be directed to Celina Michel, Exhibitions Coordinator & Curatorial Assistant, at

Timeline for Destination McAllen Public Art Project

October 6, 2023 – Application window opens for public art project proposals

November 7, 2023 – Artists’ proposals due. Must be submitted by 5:00 PM CST Nov. 7.

November 7 – December 7, 2023 – Proposal review and selection by committee, artists notified by committee

December 8, 2023 – Selected artists will be announced to the public

December 2023 – March 2024 – Decibel Communications studio visits will be scheduled to document and interview artists about public art projects

March – August 2024 Art installations at IMAS, video content about artists, artwork, IMAS and McAllen Cultural District will be promoted regionally and statewide.

Submit a Proposal

Deadline: November 7, 2023, 5:00PM CST

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Anne Marchand, Mirror, 2016. 72 x 72, acrylic, ink, marker, beads, latex, bark and fabric on canvas.