McAllen, TX – The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) in McAllen is honored to announce the commencement of its 16th Annual Young at Art exhibition, in collaboration with McAllen ISD. This eagerly anticipated event showcases the artistic talents of students, marking the celebration of National Youth Art Month. Highlighting the significance of art education for young learners, the exhibition proudly presents a collection of original artworks created by McAllen ISD students ranging from 6th to 12th grade.

Since the 1960s, educational institutions across the United States have embraced the significance of art education, particularly during the month of March. Art educators understand the pivotal role visual arts play in nurturing skills such as problem-solving, creativity, observation, and communication. Throughout March, special exhibitions like “MISD Young at Art” serve as a platform to demonstrate and share with the community these students’ abilities, providing a valuable opportunity to celebrate the outstanding work produced by our children.

McAllen ISD Young at Art 2024

Nguma, Amani. Street Level. 2023. McAllen Memorial High School

“Education is a cornerstone of the museum, and Young at Art is a perfect example of how IMAS serves as a nexus to enriching art education within our schools,” emphasizes Ann Fortescue, Executive Director at IMAS. “IMAS takes immense pride in spotlighting the boundless creativity of our students, nurtured by the unwavering dedication of their art teachers. Through this partnership, we celebrate the invaluable role of education and all educators in cultivating the talents of our young artists and fostering a vibrant cultural community.”

The Young at Art exhibition will be on display at the IMAS from March 9 through April 7, 2024, showcasing nearly 130 original works of art. Admission to the exhibit is included with regular admission. For more information, please visit

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