The International Museum of Art & Science will be hosting México: Crisis and Uprising, an exhibition that brings together the diverse voices of 34 independent artists from the North of Mexico.

México: Crisis and Uprising opens a space of expression for artists with the need to describe an accurate view of Mexico. This exhibition invites the viewer to explore and get to know contemporary Mexican society through the eyes of the artists.

Art, as a form of knowledge and documentation in our times, is capable of opening perspectives and sensibilities. México: Crisis and Uprising is an opportunity to establish a deep and necessary dialogue, which has been in danger for a long time. México: Crisis and Uprising shows an aesthetic and artistic version of Mexico, an honest vision of the state of Mexican culture and society after the many crises we have experienced.

The styles of work vary between Symbolism, Expressionism and Social Realism, both in painting and photography. Art is a means to sensitize the viewer. By exploring the art that emerges from our world, we have a better chance for connection and resistance.

 México: Crisis and Uprising is curated by Samuel Rodríguez Medina in collaboration with the participating artists, the exhibition promises a thought-provoking exploration of Mexico’s past, present, and future.

México: Crisis and Uprising will be exhibited at IMAS from February 3, 2024, through April 28, 2024.

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