UPCOMING Exhibition

Mission CISD: Growing Next Generation of F.A.R.M.ER.S.

April 20 - May 19, 2024

Exhibitions are free with General Admission.

Mission CISD is growing the next generation of F.A.R.M.E.R.S. (Farmers, Agriculturists, Ranchers, Machinist, Engineers, Researchers and Suppliers). The district offers the F.A.R.M.E.R.S program to grades K-12.

The goal of the program is to educate students on how to grow their own food and emphasize the importance of proper nutrition. We face many food related challenges in the RGV. Through this program we aim to reduce food insecurity and health related diseases due to poor nutrition. Our focus is to be all inclusive and engage all interested students, with a focus on including girls and students with disabilities who have been overlooked in agricultural studies and careers.

We will achieve our goals by introducing elementary to high school students to careers in agricultural science. We will also promote entrepreneurial and leadership abilities. Our anticipated outcome would be that our students will understand the importance of agriculture, community service and the use of technology.

Our community and economic goals include building the capacity of local leaders, organizations, and networks to support economic development in poor communities. In addition, we aim to develop opportunities for productive work and improving access to sustainable livelihoods.

The Mission CISD: Growing Next Generation of F.A.R.M.ER.S. is supported, in part, by a grant from Texas Women for the Arts, a program of the Texas Cultural Trust.

This exhibit features work from:
Mission High School and Veterans Memorial High School

This exhibit is supported, in part, by a grant from Texas Women for the Arts, a program of the Texas Cultural Trust.

Esta exhibición es posible gracias a una beca de Mujeres de Texas por las artes (TWA), un programa del Fideicomiso cultural de Texas.