The International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) is honored to be selected to participate in the National Youth Summit, an annual program hosted by the National Museum of American History. This year’s annual National Youth Summit will examine issues of gender, bias, and equity through the lens of history and artmaking. What will the future of gender equity look like? 
High school students from IDEA San Juan and Brownsville ISD will discuss that question as they participate in a Regional Youth Summit hosted virtually by the museum. Students will learn about historical examples and hear from activists and artists, supported by their art teachers Fatima Lai and Cristina Correra.
In Spring 2022, the museum will host a community exhibition of artworks created by these students, supported by the Center for Latin American Arts at UTRGV. This is an extension of the upcoming exhibition Uncovered Spaces centered on female artists and LGBTQIA+ artists
To learn more about this year’s National Youth Summit visit
Smithsonian National Youth Summit
National Youth Summit

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