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The IMAS Guild presents this year’s Annual Christmas Tree Forest “An International Christmas”.

This annual tradition has been a favorite, long-standing exhibit that brings the community together and the IMAS to life during the holiday season. Each tree follows an overarching theme and interprets that theme in its own creative and original way. The tradition of the Christmas Tree Forest brings to life the spirit of art, creation, and handmade ornaments, and inspires creativity among our youngest visitors through adult organizations and groups.

The IMAS Guild also annually sponsors the awards for top trees in each of 5 categories. The exhibit will open on Saturday, December 3, 2023, and the Awards Ceremony will be held the following weekend on Sunday, December 11.

All groups submitting an entry to the tree forest is encouraged to complete the form below in a timely manner, and forms will be accepted in the order received, first-come, first-served. The application deadline is October 21 or until full, and the website will be updated once the forest is full.

Groups entering can expect to receive a confirmation email with their form responses and timestamp after filling out the form. The IMAS Guild will be reaching out to all groups who have submitted a form to follow up with each group and to schedule their installation date.

Then make plans to attend the exhibit and enjoy the forest throughout the month of December.

Please fill out the form below to submit your application for this years Christmas Tree Forest Exhibit.

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